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Festa’s footwear company was founded in the 1950s by Francesco Festa. Francesco was born in 1932, studied and worked abroad where he learnt the most diverse techniques for the artisanal manufacture of high quality footwear, before returning to Italy and founding his first artisan workshop in 1957.

The company was consolidated thanks to Giuseppe, his son, able to express and develop a particular manual skill as a worthy heir of his father, and protect his secrets and tradition.

Unique and exclusive, Festa’s style has always chosen top quality materials and given attention to all details. Festa’s philosophy is essentially based on a proud and humble life choice, handed down by his father Francesco who, pure by nature, could not separate "ethics, profit and family".

Values like "purity, honesty and creativity" are passed on with passion to his son and granddaughters ChiaraFrancesca and Elisabetta, (willing to improve themselves and their surroundings), and it is with this spirit that each brand shoe Festa 1957 is conceived, designed and handcrafted in its own factory with manual techniques and with the passion that comes from the heart.

All this means that in substance, comfort and appearance Festa 1957 creations can be positioned in the most coveted market of "artisanal luxury" for niche products. The entire production of Festa’s shoe factory 1957 takes place in its original factory, in Arezzo, where all our collections are conceived, designed and created.


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